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RothCard's revolutionary Virtual and Physical Cards seamlessly merge the worlds of digital currency and traditional finance, empowering you with unrivaled convenience, security, and accessibility for all your financial interactions.

Choose Unparalleled Convenience in Digital Currency with RothCard - Now with a Complimentary Virtual Companion

Physical and Virtual in One – Seamless Solutions for Every Need

RothCard Duo: Physical & Bonus Virtual Card

Unlock the full potential of RothCardDuo for €325. Your powerful Physical Card comes with a Bonus Virtual Card, a $100 value, included at no additional cost.

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Monthly Limit

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Get a FREE RothCard Virtual Card $100 Value

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Exclusive Duo Advantage:Receive a complimentary Virtual RothCard with your Physical Card.

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No Boundaries: Spend online or swipe in-store with no monthly limits.

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Global Reach: Universal acceptance for effortless transactions anywhere.

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Security First: Encrypted and secure, your spending is safe with us.

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Elevated Access: Enjoy higher spending limits tailored to your lifestyle.

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Designed for Daily Life: Make every transaction smooth and straightforward.

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Two-Tier Referral Network

Empower Your Network, Enhance Your Rewards

With the RothCard Duo, participation in our exclusive Two-Tier Referral Network is automatic. Experience the benefit of rewards when you become a part of the RothCard community.

Tier 1

Earn $175 for each direct referral when they activate their RothCard Duo. Sharing the power of RothCard pays off.

Tier 2

Earn $20 from second-tier referrals. When your direct referrals bring in new RothCard Duo members, you benefit too.

How It Works

Getting Started with RothCard Duo: A Seamless Journey

Simple Steps to Activate and Use Your RothCard Duo



Activation is coming at relaunch in February. Prepare by setting up your account on the RothCard platform.


Complete KYC Process

(Coming in February at relaunch)
For KYC Virtual Cards & Physical Cards, complete the necessary KYC process for identity verification.


Top Up

Load your card with your preferred digital currency, ready for use.



Your Physical RothCard will be shipped to your specified address. A Virtual RothCard is included with your Physical Card and will be delivered immediately upon KYC completion in February 2024.

Benefits of Using RothCard

Why Choose RothCard? Unmatched Benefits Await

Empowering Your Financial Freedom with Advanced Fintech Solutions

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Effortlessly turn your digital currency into spendable fiat. RothCard is your gateway to effortlessly bridging digital and traditional currencies.

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Global Acceptance

Your RothCard is your passport to worldwide shopping, accepted wherever Visa/Mastercard is used.

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Enhanced Security

Rest assured with RothCard’s top-notch security, protecting your transactions and personal data.

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Cost-Effective Fees

Enjoy more of your money with RothCard’s low activation and recharge fees.

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High Spending Limits

Indulge in higher purchasing power with RothCard’s generous spending limits.

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Immediate Access & Use

Get quick access with instant activation for Virtual Cards and prompt delivery for Physical Cards.

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Compliance and Financial Security

Adhering to Global Standards for Your Peace of Mind

Your Trust, Our Commitment: Compliance and Security at RothCard

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Compliance and Financial Security

Your Trust, Our Commitment: Ensuring the Security of Your Assets with RothCardAdhering to Global Practices

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Partnerships & Frameworks

We collaborate with leading financial entities to fortify our platform, providing you a secure and reliable service.

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Bank-Level Security Measures

Your funds are shielded with security protocols mirroring those of top banks, for unparalleled protection.

Have Questions? We Have Answers – RothCard FAQs

Clarifying Your Doubts for a Smoother RothCard Experience